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Building Authentic Relationships with Cohart

Our Team of Specialists

Cohart's team consists of art specialists across various fields, including contemporary art, classical art, sculpture, and digital media. Each specialist undergoes comprehensive training and continually updates their skills to stay abreast of industry developments.


Senior Art Curator

Our Community

At Cohart, we prioritize human connection. We work closely with artists to help them develop their businesses, tell their stories, and create a presence that resonates with our community. We curate artwork listings that beautifully showcase their work and produce video content that allows them to share their craft. If an artist is not yet ready to be verified, we will personally reach out to them to chat about it.

The Authentication Process

Every piece of art sold on Cohart undergoes a rigorous authentication process, including a thorough, manual review of each artist's professional work. We have a manual verification process that thoroughly reviews each artist's professional work. This includes looking at their bio, practice, perspective, and affiliations before they can sell on Cohart. We evaluate the artwork's provenance, condition, and any modifications it may have undergone. Every work of art comes with an authentication certificate, which is hand-signed by the artist.

💳 Why It's Great for Buyers

Buyers can purchase with trust and confidence. Verified artists have a green checkmark on their profiles. We've thoroughly vetted each verified artist to ensure the artists you purchase work from are reputable and authentic. Our team checks in with all of our artists regularly to ensure their profile info and artwork listings are current. This keeps them accountable to you and the Cohart community.

👩‍🎨 Why It's Great for Artists

You make the art, and we handle the rest. Art commerce is made easy on Cohart. As a verified artist, we handle all the shipping, invoicing, authentication, and insurance on every sale you make. In the future, verified artists will unlock additional storefront tools like price advising features, accountability coaches, inventory  management, and community broadcast systems.

Become a Verified Artist

Becoming a verified artist allows you to unlock your storefront and begin selling directly to collectors on Cohart. Verified artists get a badge on their profiles to help buyers build confidence. Their visibility is boosted across the network. Verified artists can sell commission-free in the first three months or for their first three sales on Cohart.

Complete your Cohart profile

  • Add a professional profile picture.
  • Fill out your Bio information, Vibe and Value tags (to help describe you and your work), and Affiliations.
  • Add your full address and phone number to enable e-commerce features.

For additional help, see our support guide here.

Add artwork to your profile

  • Upload at least 10 artworks to your profile. Include materials, mediums, dimensions, year of creation, and price if the work is available for sale.
  • We recommend having at least 4-5 artworks for sale and available for interested collectors.
  • You can upload works that are sold or not available for sale (using the for-sale toggle in the artwork editor)

For additional help, see our support guide here.

We proactively review profiles daily. However, if you've finished the above
steps and are eager to get verified, please email us at hello@cohart.com to
request an expedited review!

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