To love art is to be human.


We've all had the innate human urge to participate in creativity at a certain point in our lives - to make, to own, or to share our thoughts about art. After all, it's something written into our DNA. We've been drawing, weaving, painting, and sculpting for millenia.

So what's changed?

Today's art world is built for the 1%.


Art is one of the last unregulated markets, dominated by status and ruled by money. There's no accessible intermediary between creators and consumers, leaving artists stuck on platforms never built for their needs in the first place.

Let's change it.

Build a new future with us.


We're building a new art world, designed for the creators and collectors of tomorrow. Showcase your work or collections, find art you love, build moodboards with friends, and cultivate deeper connections with creators or collectors. Cohart is where your art moments happen.

This is how art was meant to be discovered online.

Join the art world of tomorrow
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